Humidity sensor - Why is it important?

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Humidity sensors are alternatively called hygrometers. Excess humid conditions underpin mildew and mold growth, damage to a building’s structural elements, and respiratory problems. When humidity is too low, the body experiences discomfort due to dry skin and sinuses. Building professionals espouse thirty to fifty percent as the ideal relative humidity levels within interior environments. It is important to measure the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere because of the effects it has on varying chemical, physical, and biological processes.


What is a humidity sensor?

A humidity sensor is a device that senses, measures, and reports the air’s relative humidity. As such, it tells the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, a mixture of gases, or pure gas.  A humidity sensor can also measure a setting’s temperature and humidity conditions, hence temperature and humidity sensor. The device determines the amount of water vapor and temperature of the air surrounding the sensor. Temp and humidity sensors can measure relative humidity (RH) and absolute Humidity (AH).

A temperature and humidity sensor measures, records, and translates humidity and temperature readings into electrical signals. Essentially, a temperature and humidity sensor requires the user to output the electrical signals of the atmospheric humidity and temperature measurements to a mobile device or software for remote monitoring for appropriate action such as ventilation increase or decrease. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies power a wireless temperature and humidity sensor or a Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor thereby allowing a user to take real-time measurements of an environment’s temperature and humidity for remedial measures.

Application of humidity sensor


A smart humidity sensor is a utility for homeowners with health problems because of sensitivity to high or low humidity levels. Individuals with sinuses can use accurate humidity sensors to identify falls in relative humidity levels, while people with asthma use the device to determine a rise in humidity.

Wine Cellars

Wine cellars require particular parameters of temperature and humidity conditions. For this reason, a Wi-Fi humidity sensor can facilitate oversight over the earlier-mentioned atmospheric circumstances. The appropriate temperature for a wine cellar ranges between twelve to fourteen degrees Celsius, while the best humidity is 60% thereabout. Humidity is essential within a wine cellar but excessive ranges can cause mildew and mold to grow, thereby causing stink in the labels, apart from compromising the wine cellar’s integrity in the grand scheme of the business. As such, entrepreneurs should consider using a wine cellar wireless humidity sensor to assist in the control of temperature and humidity in wine cellars.


Optimal plant growth and performance in a greenhouse rely on the effectiveness of strategies to ensure the requisite temperature and humidity conditions. A remote temperature and humidity sensor facilitates the online tracking of temperature changes and provides notifications whenever the required metrics go out of permissible range. They allow a determination of the right temperature for seed germination and root development based on historical data users can know whether plants are cooler or warmer than the air temperature through alerts and take corrective measures.

tempCube - best temperature and humidity sensor

Smart life needs a smart solution, and there comes tempCube, the WiFi temperature, and the humidity sensor. It monitors environmental factors like temperature and humidity levels and alerts the user if something turns critical. tempCube temperature and humidity sensors have many applications like server rooms, wine cellars, vacation rooms, RV, Baby monitoring, home monitoring, greenhouse, and more.

Some outstanding features tempCube got are as follows:

  • 24*7 Monitoring
  • Real-time alerts on ambient temperature & humidity fluctuations
  • Power Loss & Power Back Alerts
  • Data Logger with History
  • Smart USB Powered Rechargeable battery!
  • Complete wireless. Easy to install anywhere
  • User-friendly mobile app (iOS and Android)

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