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Reptiles Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The most important thing to remember is that reptiles are cold-blooded animals. This is why humid and warm conditions are essential for most species. Reptile species vary, but most require a constant temperature between 70 to 85°F with basking areas that reach over 100°F.
Proper humidity is just as important as temperature. It also varies depending on the animal. Some lizards such as the Crested Gecko require 70 to 80 percent humidity while some snakes like a Milk Snake prefers 40 to 60 percent. Knowing the exact needs of your exotic animal is essential for their safety and longevity

24/7 Reliability. Consistency. Accuracy

Most accurate & reliable temperature and humidity monitoring.
🌡 Temperature & Humidity
24/7 Monitor Your Temperature & Humidity changes with tempCube

📊 Data Logger + History
Track temperature & humidity patterns with ease to get a better understanding of your environment.

⚠️ Real-time Instant Alerts
Stay ahead of temperature and humidity fluctuations in real-time via in-app, email, and text alerts.

🔋 Rechargeable Battery
tempCube comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to an impressive 90 days

📱 Get Email & Text Alerts
Get Instant Alerts about your ambient temperature & humidity fluctuations

60 Days Money Back Guarantee
One-Year Warranty
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Gives accurate temps and humidity which is perfect for use with reptiles who need their temps and humidity monitored.


Sensors are incredibly accurate. I left them all sitting next to each other for 24 hours to test them. Each read completely sameTemps & humidity.


I’ve used the tempcube lite for my snakes for months now. I finally decided to invest in the pro version so I can have peace of mind on my boys’ temperatures and humidity levels when I am at work or traveling..


Easy as heck to set up, and works like a dream so far. I have it in my frog tank, and it appears to be doing the job of telling me what his temp and humidity is.


I have been using Tempcube for my lizard Googly, and I must say that it has been giving precise results.