5 Ways Food Temperature Monitors are Saving You Time and Money

Maha Nimble

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Temperature Monitors for food industry

Reduce cost using temperature monitor

Saving money is paramount to any successful, profit-driven business. Cost of goods and wasted goods must be closely monitored in order to keep a business profitable. Nowhere is this challenge more evident than in the foodservice industry. Spoilage and other issues can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost goods and brand damage, sending profits plummeting.

Adding insult to injury is the lost productivity as food distribution managers attempt to do damage control on lost goods, or putting out fires from non-compliance or contamination issues. Before they know it, they’re caught in a costly cycle of wasted time and money.

Food transportation and storage are two key areas where considerable amounts of time and money can be lost. Without the proper systems like temperature monitor in place to track the transport of goods, it can lead to spoilage and waste, time and money spent quickly add up.

By employing high-quality asset tracking and monitoring solutions, businesses can boost savings and efficiency.

Let’s take a look at five ways how food temperature monitors can save time and money for those in the foodservice industry:

Keeping shipments on schedule - With real-time monitoring solutions that feature GPS location tracking, businesses can accurately track their food delivery chain. Using these monitors in a company’s reefer truck fleet can help ensure food distribution managers that shipments are on-time and on-track, and that time/money isn’t being lost — or shipments compromised — or reefer trucks sitting idle.

Temperature and Humidity monitoring - Real-time, wireless temperature monitors allows managers to be notified in the event of a temperature excursion. Whether too hot or too cold, by choosing a monitor with an associated app that sends notifications via SMS/text message, managers can be alerted immediately to any issues. This provides a better chance of saving money and goods. At the very least, it allows managers to be informed of damaged shipments in order to take them out of circulation.

Preventing fines and potential brand damage - Non-compliance fines can be costly. And damaged or spoiled goods making it into the hands and mouths of consumers can be financially devastating to a food company. Case in point: Chipotle’s foodborne illness outbreaks over the past year and a half have reportedly cost the company three years worth of earnings. That isn’t to mention the reputational damage and time wasted attempting to mitigate the PR nightmare. Now consider the financial implications for much smaller companies and it’s easy to see how something like this can put a food service company out of business. By monitoring goods, companies can thwart potentially devastating losses due to illness outbreaks being traced back to the cold chain logistics of their business.

Maintaining integrity throughout the cold chain - A proper cold-chain monitoring device significantly reduces the chance of interrupting the series of events that’s necessary to properly store and transport perishable food items to their final destination. By ensuring the cold chain is uninterrupted throughout storage and distribution activities, potential losses are mitigated. Proper cold-chain monitoring is also essential to ensure compliance in the case of FDA audits.

5. Giving them back to positively impact the business - When food is being properly monitored continuously and in real-time, owners and managers can get back to focusing on ways to grow their business. Instead of worrying about the location and temperature of reefer trucks, or whether or not their company will remain compliant or suffer a devastating outbreak, managers can turn their attention to impacting their bottom lines for the better.

Why tempCube?

To monitor the food processing and storing, an optimal level of environmental factors are essential. tempCube, a WiFi temperature and humidity sensor, monitors environmental factors like temperature and humidity ranges. It alerts the user instantly whenever the temperature and humidity ranges are not in optimal range. If the montoring is delayed, it may lead to food degradation or to lose the quality. This way the entire industry might put to a tough situation. 

tempCube benefits the user by sending real-time alerts through Email and text. This temperature monitor also comes with an user-friendly mobile app through which the user can view the current ranges. The user can also customize the alerts and its frequency.

tempCube's outstanding features are as follows

  • Monitor temperature and humidity across multiple racks and servers across multiple data centers
  • Complete wireless and easy to install it anywhere you want
  • Real-time E-mail and text alerts when there is a temperature/humidity excursion
  • Rechargeable battery that can last for more than a month on a single charge
  • Supports data logger to go back in time and get historical reports 
  • Simple and intuitive mobile application with a single dashboard view. Available for both android and iOS.



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