tempCube Wifi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

tempCube™ WiFi-enabled smart wireless temperature monitor alerts you via email and text when temperature or humidity goes low or high. Get your temperature and humidity sensor with real-time alerts today!

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With tempCube wifi sensor, you can remotely check the temperature and humidity levels in any room where the sensor is placed. The sensor connects to your wifi network, and sends data to the mobile app in real-time, giving you up-to-date information on your environment.

And the best part? The mobile app is completely free to download and use. And there is no monthly subscription cost to get email and text alerts! You can view temperature and humidity data from anywhere, at any time, making it easy to keep tabs on your indoor environment and ensure that it remains comfortable and healthy.

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I was able to set my low temperature alarm. I put the Tempcube Pro in my freezer, and got the email alarm I was expecting. So far, an excellent product. I had tried a Govee H1579 sensor, but that was a nightmare and I returned it. Also tried the Tuya "smart" temp/humidity monitor and that also was a bust. but Tempcube is working as I had hoped. Can highly recommend.


Accurate temperature readings! bought this to replace waggle. Waggle subscription $99 for 6 months. This temp sensor works as described. I have set it by the competition and the temp readings are the same. It will send email or text message alerts to your phone by wifi. Free subscription available

Johnny Jones

I initially bought a temperature monitor from Govee, but was disappointed that the only notifications were from their app —- no texts and emails. TempCube’s notifications are great! I bought the unit because I travel for extended periods and need to know if my heat fails so I don’t come home to burst pipes. There is zero chance of that occurring with the TempCube. And I tested it in my refrigerator with a thermometer. The unit is very accurate.

Sleepless in Somerville

Works as advertised. Awesome customer service. Had a issue getting a new sensor hooked up to my app with my current sensor. Tech got it figured out in less than 5 minutes. My fault. Would highly recommend.

Jan Doyle

Purchased this in conjunction with a heater for my boat to prevent freezing in the engine compartment during the winter. Using the temp cube as a back-up to notify me in case the heater fails.So far, the temp cube has worked flawlessly, sending our temp data at regular intervals and notifying me if the battery is low or the Wi-Fi connection is lost. It's also set to let me know if the temp drops below a predetermined threshold. Fortunately for me, the boat heater is working as advertised also. Setup was pretty straight forward. Highly recommend!

Kevin J. Cook

I am satisfied with Tempcube's performance. The device is easy to install and I am able to monitor the temperature remotely which is great. The mobile app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, the alerts are not as detailed as I would have liked. Despite this, the device does its job, and I am able to keep my wine cellar at the optimal temperature. I would recommend this product