temperature & humidity sensor
temperature and humidity sensor temperature and humidity sensor

tempCube™ - WiFi Temperature Sensor

tempCube™ WiFi-enabled smart wireless temperature sensor alerts you via email and SMS when temperature or humidity goes low or high. Monitor anything, from anywhere anytime.

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Smart Monitor! Simple Life

tempCube, The multi-purpose Wi-Fi temperature & humidity sensor. One device that fits countless commercial and personal monitoring requirements. The app features an intuitive dashboard to monitor real-time temperature and humidity from anywhere, anytime and sends in-app, email, and text alerts.
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Temperature and Humidity Alerts
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Wireless Temperature Sensor
Wireless Temperature Sensor

Small Yet Smart

Fits in the palm of your hand yet has all the features to make it the best wifi temp monitor.

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Powers Anywhere! Stops Nowhere.

Since the Cube is USB powered it is easy to keep it powered always/anywhere . And since it has a powerful rechargeable back up battery there is no worries about power loss or the hassle of replacing batteries!

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Monitor Your House Monitor Temperature & Humidity and Get Instant Alerts


Monitor Your Server Room Temperature & Humidity and Get Instant Alerts


Monitor Your Freezer/Cooler Temperature & Humidity and Get Instant Alerts


Monitor Your RV/Motorhome Temperature & Humidity and Get Instant Alerts

Start With Ease!

Installs in less than a minute and offers an easy to use app with an awesome dashboard and the right data you need anytime, anywhere.

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For The Geek Hearted

tempCube app comes with all the data in every format you want - Easy to monitor, Easier to share.

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One Device! Many Uses.

Server Rooms
Vacation Homes & Cabins
Fridges & Freezers
Green House
Wine Cellars
Food Storages
Medical Supplies
Hotels & Apartments
Data Centres
Cold Storages
Baby Monitor

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Temperature Sensor

Temperature Range (-22°F -- 140°F)

Humidity Sensor

Relative Humidity (30% -- 95%)

One App Many Applications

What Cubers Say!

A great simple, easy to use, and accurate tool. I thought this would be more complex than it was -- but this is a great practical tool. I use it to monitor the temperature for some flowers I'm growing, but I can imagine many other uses. Definitely recommended.


Great unit for an extra home... I had used a Tempstick with limited success for a few years and constantly had issues losing connectivity. I gave this unit a try and the setup was easy and fast and tech support was very attentive. Accuracy is great and the display for data is fresh and very easy to read and understand. So far a very happy customer!


If degrees matter, tempCube is your best bet. Love this product! Helped me save my plants when the AC unit broke! It alerted me and I was able to call the repairmen before any damage was done!! Must recommend to anyone looking to monitor temperatures in an enclosed environment



What Cubers Ask!
What's the difference between tempCube and tempCube Pro?

While both are great at seamlessly monitoring the temperature and humidity of various applications and alerting you instantly via email and text, tempCube Pro is packed with Premium features like LCD Display and a smaller size to fit in anywhere.

Why tempCube is the best multi-purpose sensor?

tempCube sensor can seamlessly monitor temperature and humidity of various applications and alerts you instantly via email and sms.

Is there an additional fee to use tempCube?

You can use tempCube forever for FREE. To unlock pro features and alerts, you can upgrade to the Pro plan at just $9/month. 

Does tempCube control other devices?

No. tempCube is a WiFi connected sensor that measure temperature and alerts, it does not control any device or used for home automation.

How tempCube is powered?

tempCube comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and USB powered.

What are all alerts tempCube sends?

Get Instant Temperature Alerts, Humidity Alerts, Power loss Alerts and Low Battery Alerts.

Is there a device warranty?

Yes. We provide 12 months replacement warranty. Get Complete Peace Of Mind

Why tempCube?

Explore The World's Best WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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