Top features to look for in a WiFi temperature sensor

Temperature & Humidity

Many industrialists rely on temperature and humidity sensors to measure and record environmental temperature and humidity changes. The monitors with WiFi feature is a real plus, which has many evolved and convenient usages for various fields.

To monitor industrial and house temperature remotely using WiFi temperature sensor, you will need to do the following:

  • Install WiFi in your Home, Factory, or RV
  • Optionally use a mobile hotspot with WiFi
  • Get a tempCube WiFi Temperature Sensor
  • Install the tempCube on your Cell phone to monitor

So, what should a WiFi temperature sensor have?

Built-in WiFi

To monitor your phone's ambient temperature and humidity, you will need a built-in WiFi temperature sensor. You can monitor and keep track of your data for multiple purposes like home, office, or hotspot to transmit the data. 

Some wireless remote temperature sensors use Bluetooth when there is a lack of WiFi facility, for instance during transporting goods for long hours.

Remotely Share with Friends & Family:

Sharing the account lets your friends and family members see your WiFi temperature sensor. This sharing feature allows them to monitor the home/office/factor/greenhouse/wine cellar and get instant alerts. They can simply install the App on their cell phone and create an account.

Update Report Interval

Generally, a WiFi temperature sensor reports temperature and humidity. tempCube WiFi temperature sensor has 30 minutes report interval as default. Plus, the user can customise the duration so that the temperature monitor can trade off for longer battery life.

Remote Temperature & Humidity Graphs

With a user-friendly mobile app, the user can see temperature and humidity range graphs for each sensor. The below graph shows the temperature rise and drops ranges.


The WiFi temperature sensor should be able to record and log the temperature and humidity data during the absence of WiFi or not in range. Once the WiFi connection is restored, the sensor connects automatically and shares the logged data with the server.

Text and Email Alerts

The WiFi temperature sensor sends instant alerts via text and email alerts when the temperature rises or drops from the preset level. You can also customize the alerts you prefer for your need or set the alert interval duration. This feature helps to have longer battery life.

Small. Smart. Sensible

Temperature and humidity sensors should have the possibility to use in various sectors. So heavy or large monitors can’t be a better choice as they can be an additional hindrance. WiFi temperature sensor like tempCube is a small device that is convenient to carry and install anywhere.

USB Powered 

A wireless temperature sensor with USB support is another great feature to go for. You can install the monitor anywhere without worrying about changing batteries. 

Real-time alerts

Whenever there is a temperature/humidity rise, drop, or power loss, you get real-time alerts on your cell phone. Instant updates help to secure the machines, plantations, food, medicines, etc.

Are you looking for the best temperature and humidity sensor?

tempCube Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Sensor   It is a user–friendly Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor and functions with rechargeable batteries, which last up to 30 days.

The following reasons highlight the advantages of tempCube

  1. Users receive real-time alerts through text and email
  2. The alerts are detailed and include information such as humidity, temperature, network loss, and low battery
  3. The device comes with a rechargeable battery (Lithium Ion), which can last 30 days, and a USB
  4. tempCube can serve several fields like wine cellars, labs, and server rooms, vacation rooms, freezers, just to mention a few
  5. The gadget is wireless and very easy to install