Why Do You Need a Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor?

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Why Do You Need a Remote Temperature Monitor

Before we introduce you to the importance of having a remote temperature sensor, let us first understand this device and slowly progress to its features, benefits, and applications.

What is a Remote Temperature Sensor?

Remote temperature sensor, also known as a temperature notification system, has been quite popular in the IT space, cold storage logistics, and many other industries. A remote temperature sensor is great for residential and commercial environments and can be likened to a thermometer for the digital age. 

An IoT device is a sensory device that tracks changes in the environment’s temperature and uses wireless technology like WiFi to send regular updates and alerts to the user. This data is usually transmitted via email, message, or in-app notification.

What are the Applications of a remote temperature sensor?

The best part about a remote temperature monitor is its diversity. The device works great for home temperature monitoring, keeping a check on server room temperature, pet monitoring, and storage rooms.

 Pet Monitoring

Do you have pets at home? Or perhaps you work with animals. It is common knowledge that, like humans, animals are prone to temperature changes, and a slight dip or rise in mercury can be fatal to their existence. A remote temperature sensor can help you maintain an optimum temperature for their environment and help them thrive.

Server Rooms

Many offices have a designated server room that generates a lot of heat, which can be dangerous for the expensive machines and those working there. A temperature monitor helps track any rise in temperature in these server rooms and prevents catastrophes.

 Storage Rooms

Many supermarkets and manufacturing outlets have designated storage rooms housing temperature-sensitive products. Having a remote temperature sensor in such locations helps business owners and managers ensure that the products are not spoilt in ambient temperature. A WiFi remote temperature sensor will protect not only your products but your investment as well.


Fancy going away for a weekend in your mountain cottage? It is best to install a remote temperature sensor to help you keep an eye on your environmental temperature. The device will help you track the degrees and warn you if your living space is dangerously cold or uncomfortably warm. Keep your home away from home safe and secure with a robust home temperature monitor.

 Warehouse management

Temperature and humidity-sensitive products cannot be stored in a normal warehouse as they cause corrosion. Hence a more temperature-controlled environment is used to store these goods and products. The temperature and humidity control is achieved by using heaters and freezers throughout the warehouse. A temperature monitor can help keep the temperature in check and change the temperature remotely if it strays away from the set temperature. By installing a temperature monitor, the warehouse management can save a lot of repair and inspection costs while maintaining standard quality.

 Transporting Goods

While transporting goods, the quality of the shipped products is affected adversely due to changing environmental conditions. To safeguard the goods and maintain the quality during the distribution phase, the companies develop special containers to maintain a suitable environment for their products. 

By using a temperature monitor, these companies can track the environment's change and take control immediately in case of any adverse change. 

Finding a proper temperature monitor according to your needs can help you have a safe and controlled environment and save you a lot of money.


Laboratories benefit the most from the temperature monitor, as temperature plays a crucial role in defining the chemical composition of volatile compounds and biological samples. These samples and compounds are both time and temperature-sensitive. They will be rendered useless even with the slightest temperature change. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a controlled environment in these labs; these remote temperature sensors can help you do that!

 How Will a remote temperature sensor Benefit You?

Whether you want to keep your home at an optimum temperature or are a business owner looking to maintain the right ambiance in your workspace or business space, having a remote temperature sensor is imperative. 

Such wireless protection keeps your space safe from the impacts of thermal pressure that may lead to irreparable, not to mention expensive, damage to your device and network. 

The right remote temperature sensor helps you with the following benefits:

Preventive Measures: remote temperature sensors with regular updates and early alerts help you catch on to those early warning signs and prevent spoilage or equipment failure. 

Remote in True Sense: The WiFi temperature monitor is wireless, making it portable and easy to track your room’s temperature anytime, anywhere. 

Save Time and Resources: Since these sensory devices are automated, you save resources and time to track the property’s temperature. 

Save on Down Time: When the server room gets too hot, you, more often than not, have to shut it down for repair. Maintaining the temperature, you save your servers from overheating and avoids wasting time during the shutdown. 

Regulatory Compliance: Your workspace needs to abide by standard rules and regulations. By undertaking preventive maintenance with a remote temperature sensor, you abide by regulatory compliance.

tempCube Remote Temperature

tempCube Remote Temperature

tempCube is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose WiFi temperature monitor that can be deployed for all personal and commercial purposes. The tempCube mobile app features an intuitive dashboard to monitor real-time temperature and humidity from anywhere and sends in-app notifications, emails, and text alerts.

It comes with a USB-powered rechargeable battery with 4 days of backup that offers you complete peace of mind about your properties.


You can use your tempCube monitor for:

If you are looking for a remote temperature monitor to safeguard your home or business, tempCube is the way to go!

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