How tempCube Works?

About the product:

Regardless of whether you're keeping an eye on a refrigerator, holiday house, recreational vehicle, wine storage, or a cherished animal companion, the tempCube stands out as the premier remote temperature sensor for the task. This Swiss-crafted device boasts NIST temperature calibration and features an integrated rechargeable battery, eliminating concerns about battery replacement. With just one charge, the tempCube can be used for up to 100 days. Please ensure you charge the tempCube for a minimum of one hour before its initial use.The tempCube WiFi Thermometer leverages a WiFi connection to provide real-time temperature and humidity monitoring from any location at any time. With no subscription fees, you simply make a one-time payment for the device and enjoy its benefits indefinitely.


User-Friendly App for iPhone and Android Phones:

Discover the tempCube's seamless app, designed for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Effortlessly monitor current conditions and access an extensive archive of historical data, ranging across any date span. For those who prefer computer-based monitoring, a web version of the app is available too. The app features visually appealing graphs, providing a comprehensive snapshot of temperature and humidity readings upon login

Super Precise Wi-Fi Thermometer

No worries about the accuracy and reliability of tempCube, 'cause it's made from swiss sensors to handle some seriously tough commercial freezers. This Wi-Fi thermometer is like, one of the most spot-on and sturdy sensors you can get, straight outta the box. It's got a temperature range of -22°F to 140°F, accurate to ±2°F, and a humidity range of 30% to 95% RH, accurate to ±5% RH.

Applications :