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Greenhouse Temperature & Humidity Moniroing

Monitoring the temperature of your greenhouse is important for ensuring your plants are healthy and thriving. With the tempCube temperature and humidity sensor, you can ensure that your greenhouse is kept at an optimal temperature and humidity level, which will help maximize overall plant growth and health. With tempcube , you can set the right temperature range, in which your plants will have the best chance of growing into healthy and vibrant specimens. tempcube also alerts you to any potential problems in the greenhouse, such as drafts or other temperature changes. With the right temperature monitoring with tempcube, you can ensure that your greenhouse stays healthy and productive. Utilizing tempcube temperature monitor is the key to a successful greenhouse!

24/7 Reliability. Consistency. Accuracy

Most accurate & reliable temperature and humidity monitoring.
🌡 Temperature & Humidity
24/7 Monitor Your Temperature & Humidity changes with tempCube

📊 Data Logger + History
Track temperature & humidity patterns with ease to get a better understanding of your environment.

⚠️ Real-time Instant Alerts
Stay ahead of temperature and humidity fluctuations in real-time via in-app, email, and text alerts.

🔋 Rechargeable Battery
tempCube comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to an impressive 90 days

📱 Get Email & Text Alerts
Get Instant Alerts about your ambient temperature & humidity fluctuations

60 Days Money Back Guarantee
One-Year Warranty
Free Shipping
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I love that I can see what’s happening 24 hours in the greenhouse.


Loads of data, I have one in greenhouse and the other is near the tap. The data updates very frequently, as you can see from mygreenhousetemperature dropping due to me opening the door. Very windy location.
Signal is excellent for such a tiny device. I can receive data from the middle of the 2nd floor of my house.


I have them all around my green house. They are easy to use and very accurate. Love the new upgrade on the app.


Overall quite a nice system for keeping track of temps in my green house. I now just open the app whenever I want to see what my green house temps are..


I bought it for the humidity info. Amazed how low the humidity is in the green house.