Fresh food on demand! Are you delivering fresh?

Prasanna Raj

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The world has become health conscious and started demanding for the ‘fresh’ products. Apart from the Superfoods like Chia seeds, seaweed, nuts, etc., the raw or the cooked food should be fresh and any packed foods are being rejected by the customers in many supermarkets and famous micro markets.

Because of some continuous reporting and studies, people became aware of the food quality and how to measure the quality of the food. Now, the primary drive is ‘fresh food’. This impacted the fast-food chain, grocery stores, workplace kitchen, etc.

Packed foods are easy to ship and deliver when compared to raw foods, especially vegetables and fruits, which has lesser shelf-life by nature. This has become complicated for the cold chain owners maintain the nutritional value of the food products. Some of the food products like cheese, apple, yogurt stay fresh until one month when stored at right temperatures, but the packed lunch meat can be fresh for one week.

Storing and monitoring the food is a ‘science’ and is a vast subject to deal with, but with the help of the technology, it has become very easy to monitor food from the framer's field to customer's plate. Customers demand fresh food increases the use of technology and if you are not using it, FDA makes compulsory to use it to ensure the good health of the public.

As many food items have high portability level, cold chain logistics are given utmost importance for transportation and storage by famous brands. Be it a small fleet or big keep them fresh and monitor it from where you are. ‘Storage temperature’ is very critical to measure, but the food must be stored at the right temperatures to make sure the food is fresh.

The temperature monitor becomes the best option and can measure the temperature of the perishable food items very accurately and alerts the owners. Temperature monitor will monitor the location and humidity levels along with temperatures which are a very good option for the transportation business.

Cold chain business is creating a paradigm shift and storage time should be minimized, transportation speed should be higher to improve the shelf life of the raw and packed foods to meet the customer needs. Make sure the next meal you deliver is fresh and nutritious!

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