3 Reasons Why Food Safety is Important

Prasanna Raj

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Why food safety is important?

More than 200 diseases are spread through food human consume. Children below the age of 10 are particularly at risk. Proper food preparation and storage can prevent many of the food related issues.

Here are the 3 reasons why Food Safety is MUST:

Customer Satisfaction:

The consumer trusts the restaurant, retail shop, supplier to provide safe and healthy food. Any breach of this trust can cost customer satisfaction. This can impact not just sales but the brands image itself. So, having proper process that can give them confidence about food storage and preparation is necessary.


The CDC spends an average of $15 Billion on food safety every year. With nearly 20% of all illness in US are due to food borne diseases. The government compliance norms are becoming strict day-by-day. As part of food industry, it is mandatory to abide by these rules to prevent from people getting sick and to avoid un-necessary fine and law suits for non-compliance.

Increased ROI:

Good healthy food means repeat customers and increased brand value through word of mouth. Most successful restaurants are a hit because they had good words spread about them. Serving good and healthy food can increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and in turn increase the foot fall which can lead to great profits.

Using technology to ensure the food is safe is a great option. tempCube's Temperature Monitor helps in keeping the food safe meeting all the food guidelines.

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