Worried about batteries being eaten like candies?

The monitor only needs to be charged once in every 100 days. Why worry about battery drain then. Why waste money on buying batteries?. We offer you rechargeable batteries which makes your life easier.

Keeps going and going!

Looking for a product with a long lifespan? Look no further than tempCube!. We have earned the trust of more than 10000 customers with the quality and service we provide.

Featuring a user-friendly LCD display

tempCube Pro conveniently displays temperature, humidity, and battery level information with just a simple button click. No need of smart phone to check temp & humidity readings. Stay informed and in control.

Power off and back notifier

Is your power out? Know instantly with tempCube! The tempCube gives you peace of mind by keeping you notified of power outages in your home or business.

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