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Cigar enthusiasts understand the importance of maintaining the perfect humidity level in their humidors to preserve the quality and flavour of their cigars. Technology has made monitoring and controlling humidity levels easier, with the ability to receive alerts directly on your phone. In this detailed blog, we will explore the benefits of smartphone alerts for cigar humidors and provide step-by-step guidance on setting up this convenient and reliable system. By leveraging technology, you can ensure that your precious cigars are stored in the optimal environment and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will be notified of any fluctuations in humidity levels.

The Importance of Humidity Control for Cigar Storage

  • Preservation of cigar quality: Proper humidity control is crucial for preserving cigars' quality, flavour, and aroma. Fluctuations in humidity can lead to dried-out or over-humidified cigars, resulting in an unpleasant smoking experience.
  • Preventing mold and pests: Maintaining the correct humidity level helps prevent mould growth and the infestation of problems that can damage cigars.

Benefits of Smartphone Alerts for Cigar Humidors

  • Real-time monitoring: Smartphone alerts allow you to monitor the humidity levels in your humidor in real-time, even when you are not physically present. This provides constant oversight and immediate notifications of any fluctuations.
  • Convenience and accessibility: With smartphone alerts, you can receive notifications directly to your phone, making it easy to stay updated on the status of your cigars from anywhere at any time.
  • Timely intervention: Alerts enable you to take prompt action if the humidity levels deviate from the desired range. This allows you to make adjustments to restore the ideal conditions for your cigars before any damage occurs.

Setting Up Smartphone Alerts for Your Cigar Humidor

  • Choose an intelligent hygrometer: Invest in a smart hygrometer that connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Various options are available on the market, each with its own features and compatibility.
  • Install the corresponding app: Download and install the app that is associated with your smart hygrometer. This app will allow you to receive the humidity alerts and provide additional functionality for monitoring and managing your humidor.
  • Connect the smart hygrometer to the app: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect the smart hygrometer to the app on your smartphone. This typically involves pairing the device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and entering the necessary credentials.
  • Set desired humidity thresholds: Within the app, set the desired humidity range for your humidor. This will serve as the baseline for the alerts. Customize the upper and lower limits based on your preferences and the recommendations for storing cigars.
  • Enable notifications: Ensure that notifications are enabled within the app settings. This will allow you to receive alerts on your smartphone whenever the humidity levels go outside the specified range.
  • Test the system: To verify that the alerts are functioning properly, conduct a test by deliberately changing the humidity levels in your humidor. Confirm that the app sends notifications to your phone accordingly.

Additional Tips for Cigar Humidor Maintenance

  • Calibrate the hygrometer: Periodically calibrate your hygrometer to ensure accurate humidity readings. This can be done using calibration kits available on the market or by following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Regularly check and adjust humidity levels: Despite having smartphone alerts, it is important to regularly check the humidity levels in your humidor manually. Make adjustments as necessary to maintain the desired range.
  • Use distilled water or propylene glycol solution: When replenishing the humidification device in your humidor, use distilled water or a propylene glycol solution. Avoid tap water or other substances that may introduce impurities or affect the flavor of your cigars.
  • Rotate and organize cigars: Periodically rotate and reorganize your cigars within the humidor to ensure even exposure to the humidity and prevent any uneven drying or moisture retention.
  • Clean the humidor regularly: Clean the interior of your humidor with a lint-free cloth and distilled water to remove any dust, debris, or residue. Avoid using chemical cleaners that may leave behind harmful residues.

Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to getting alerts on your phone for cigar humidors:

Why should I use smartphone alerts for my cigar humidor?

Using smartphone alerts for your cigar humidor provides real-time monitoring and notifications, allowing you to stay updated on the humidity levels of your cigars even when you're not physically present. It helps you maintain optimal conditions, prevent damage to your cigars, and enjoy peace of mind.

How do smartphone alerts work for cigar humidors?

Smartphone alerts for cigar humidors work by connecting a smart hygrometer to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The hygrometer measures the humidity levels in your humidor and sends the data to an app on your phone. The app then sends alerts or notifications if the humidity levels go outside the specified range.

Can I use any smart hygrometer with smartphone alerts?

Various smart hygrometers are available on the market, each with its compatibility and features. Before purchasing an intelligent hygrometer, ensure it is compatible with the app or system you plan to use for smartphone alerts. Check the product specifications and reviews for compatibility information.


By utilizing smartphone alerts for your cigar humidor, you can enhance your ability to maintain the ideal humidity levels necessary to preserve your cigars' quality and enjoyment. The convenience and accessibility of receiving real-time notifications on your phone enable you to take timely action and ensure the longevity of your cigar collection. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can set up a reliable system for monitoring and managing your humidor's humidity levels. Remember to continue regular maintenance and monitoring and manually check the humidity levels to supplement the smartphone alerts. With the combination of technology and proper care, you can enjoy the perfect smoke every time, knowing that your cigars are stored in the optimal environment.

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