Never let your food go to waste again

Don't lose money on spoiled inventory. With tempCube, you'll be alerted via text, email, and in-app notifications when temperatures reach critical levels in your fridge or freezer. Keep your food fresh and avoid unnecessary waste with tempCube.

Stop wasting money on monthly subscriptions. Invest in tempCube for lifelong freezer/fridge monitoring

Don't waste another penny on monthly subscription charges for temperature monitoring. With tempCube, you make a one-time investment and get lifelong freezer monitoring. Say goodbye to food inventory wastes and hello to long-term savings with tempCube.

Freezers & Refrigerators Temperature Monitoring | Freezer Alarm

24/7 Reliability. Consistency. Accuracy

  • 24/7 monitoring ensures that you stay on top of any temperature or humidity changes, so you can rest easy knowing that your environment is always under control.

  • Get a better understanding of your fridge & freezers and make informed decisions with data logger and history feature.

  • Don't wait until it's too late - our real-time instant alerts keep you ahead of temperature and humidity fluctuations.

  • Receive notifications via in-app, email, and text alerts so you can take action before it's too late.

  • With a 90-day rechargeable battery, you can trust that your monitoring solution is always reliable

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