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tempCube FAQ: Your Comprehensive Guide to Device Information, App Usage, Purchases, Shipping, Returns, Payments, and Warranty

Device FAQs

tempCube is a temperature and humidity sensor that helps in real time remote monitoring. You can place the device at the location and download the app. You can set your desired level for temperature and humidity and you will get alerts if the temperature or humidity exceeds the preset level. You can also schedule alerts on regular intervals.


You can configure tempCube  to send text, email alerts. Alerts can be sent to more than one person. Temperature, humidity ,low battery and network loss alerts can be sent.


TempCube connects with the wifi network. tempCube Lite can connect with 2.4 GHz while Pro Plus connects with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi.


We offer a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

TempCube comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and USB powered design, allowing it to be used with a variety of charging sources.. This device can be conveniently charged using a Micro-USB cable through any USB plug point, power bank, or 12V input and 5V output cigarette car charger.


TempCube offers battery life of upto 90 days subject to reporting intervals, network availability and alert frequency set by the user. To save battery, the device can be set on 3 different modes as per the requirement.

Normal mode - Sends report every 30 mins

Low power mode - Sends report every 1 hours

Ultra power mode - Sends reports every 2 hours.


Like any other humidity device, tempCube is not a waterproof device.Therefore, it is important to take precautions  to ensure the device is not exposed to water.

Dimensions: 1.69" X 2.26" X 0.78"


Temperature Accuracy in Battery Mode: (0°C to 60°C / 32°F to 140°F): ±1°C/ ±2°F
Temperature Accuracy in Charging Mode: (-30°C to 60°C / -22°F to 140°F): ±2°C/ ±4°F
Humidity Accuracy: ±5% RH


Go to Settings
Enter ‘Power Modes’
From the 3 modes, select the one that best suits you and click ‘Save.’

Normal mode - Sends report every 30 mins

Low power mode - Sends report every 1 hour

Ultra power mode - Sends reports every 2 hours.


The LED light will only blink when your tempCube is plugged in and send you alerts based on your set interval. You can check the real-time status using the app anytime.


App FAQs

  1. Go to Home
  2. Click the Download icon
  3. Select the date range and click ‘Download
  4. Your Report will be sent to your registered email.


We do offer a public API on request basis.


Yes you can export the historical data in CSV format from the App


Absolutely, you have the flexibility to toggle between these two options within your account settings.


The tempCube continuously monitors temperature and humidity and generates reports at predefined intervals. For instance, if you configure a reporting interval of 30 minutes, you will receive updates every half-hour to ensure battery efficiency. However, if the temperature surpasses the predetermined threshold within a time frame shorter than 30 minutes, an immediate alert will be sent.


TempCube automatically sends  reports regarding Temperature and Humidity via email. You have the option to customize the scheduling according to your preferences, whether it's on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, the data history is available, catering to your specific needs.


Absolutely. You have the capability to download both temperature and humidity graphs.


Purchase FAQs

It takes 3-5 business days Within USA. Outside of USA is 10 - 12 days.

Yes, tempCube can be shipped to Canada and other countries. Shipping is free; however, some charges may be incurred depending on the customs regulations of the destination country.


No, there is no subscription fee. Upon purchasing the device, you can enjoy its usage without any additional costs for a lifetime.


Kindly reach out to our support team promptly either by phone at +1 833-433-0438 or by email at support@tempcube.io. In certain cases, we initiate order dispatch on the very same day.


Indeed, we offer a bulk order page for purchases of up to 10 devices. For quantities exceeding 10, we provide tailored discounts.

To learn more about these discounts, please get in touch with our support team at +1 833-433-0438 or by email at support@tempcube.io


Certainly, our customer support team will reach out to you to arrange an onboarding call. During this call, they will guide you through the entire setup process, explaining how the device functions, and assisting with any challenges you might encounter.


Certainly, to arrange a personalized assessment of the product's suitability, please reach out to us via phone at +1 833-433-0438 or by email at support@tempcube.io. We can schedule an appointment to discuss tailoring the features according to your specific needs.